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Hiring For The AI (Artificial Intelligence) Revolution – Part I
In the coming years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is likely to be strategic
for a myriad of industries. But there is a major challenge: recruiting.
Simply put, it …

Apple’s dismissal of 200 self-driving car employees points to a shift in
its AI strategy
“I think they’re making the decision that, at least in the near term, it’s
better to have these people doing AI in other projects,” said Gene Munster,

Hiring For The AI (Artificial Intelligence) Revolution — Part II
For a recent post, I wrote about the required skillsets for
hiring AI talent. No doubt, they are quite extensive — and in high demand.

Does ‘Name And Shame’ Really Work For Fighting AI Bias Or Is It All
As concerns over the societal impact of AI and algorithmic bias have grown,
the topic has moved out of the research lab and into boardrooms, the halls

Looks like the Deepmind Starcraft AI relied on superhuman speed after all
Boing Boing (blog)
Deepmind presented an AI that could beat human champions at Starcraft II.
It claimed the AI was limited to what human players can physically do, …

AI Marketing Misconceptions And Minefields
Artificial Intelligence for marketing is not unlike CBD oil. It comes with
a hodgepodge of unrealistic expectations, misapplications,
misunderstandings, …

Google’s Effort to Prevent Blindness Shows AI Challenges
Wall Street Journal
Google is the latest tech firm to explore using AI in health care. Inc., International Business Machines Corp. and UnitedHealth
Group Inc.

Microsoft and MIT can detect AI ‘blind spots’ in self-driving cars
Self-driving cars are still prone to making mistakes, in part because the
AI training can only account for so many situations. Microsoft and MIT might
just …

As Davos debated AI’s threat to jobs, where were the world leaders?
It’s a pity there were fewer influential world leaders than in previous
years at Davos this week at the World Economic Forum, and not only because
so …

MIT CSAIL researchers propose automated method for debiasing AI algorithms
The good news is, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (MIT
CSAIL) are …

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Creating AI for GameBoy Part 2: Collecting Data From the Screen
Welcome to part 2 of Creating an AI for GameBoy! If you missed Part 1:
Coding a Controller, click here to catch up. In this edition, I will be
going over …

AI Scholar: Chatbots that improve after deployment
Innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies
are increasingly enhancing chatbots features and thus driving the market …

Master’s in Artificial Intelligence
The Artificial Intelligence specialisation trains computing professionals
in advanced principles, algorithms, and applications in AI. It focuses on
the …

York University
The Department of Philosophy at York University, in collaboration with the
Lassonde School of Engineering and Schulich School of Business, seeks to …

AI is Changing the Way the Industry Thinks
The technical challenges for making the AI era a reality extend throughout
the industry ecosystem, from materials to systems.

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